Building a Windows AD lab
In this GitBook 0xjs and JustRelax will demonstrate how to build a vulnerable Active Directory(AD) Lab for learning pentesting on Windows Domains. Creating misconfigurations, abusing and patching them
  • Always consult additional resources when performing these attacks outside of the lab
The text in this gitbook is written by 0xjs and JustRelax. Cloning it and presenting it as your own is illegal and strictly forbidden, don't do it.

Our goal

What is a better way to learn something about an active directory (AD) then building it yourself? In this gitbook we want to learn you to build an AD, how to configure vulnerabilities or misconfigurations inside your AD, how to attack those vulnerabilities or misconfigurations and how to detect and defend yourself against it.
If something is missing from this gitbook, please hit us up on github or make a 'issue' on the github page.
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Our goal