Creating W10 client - WS01

General machine info

  • Machine Name: WS01

  • IP Adress: DHCP

  • Subnetmask: DHCP

  • Gateway: DHCP


  • Role: Workstation for end users

  • Domain:

Installation after sysprep

  1. Startup the machine

  2. When asked if you copied the Virtual Machine, select "I Copied It"

3. Choose your region, in our example "Netherlands" and click "Yes"

4. Choose your keyboard layout, in our example "United States-International" and click "Yes"

5. On the second layout screen, click "Skip". After this our machine will do some basic configurations and updates.

6. Once the Pop-up comes to agree with the Windows terms and conditions, click "Agreed".

7. Now we're asked to 'Sign in with Microsoft' account and we click on "Domain join instead".

8. Create an user-account with the password Welcome01!, because we already created the user-account "User", we need to create a second user. In our example we choose User02.

9. Next they ask for some security questions, we fill in "A" because we will delete the account in a later stadium anyway.

10. Choose the most privacy friendly options. We choose the following options: No, No, Send Required diagnostic data, No, No, No.

Now the machine will spin up and load our user-profile. After some minutes the machine is ready to use.


  1. Open File Explorer --> right click "This PC" --> Properties

2. Click on "Rename this PC"

3. Fill in WS01 and click "Next"

4. When asked to restart, click on "Restart Now"

Joining the domain

1. Open File Explorer --> right click "This PC" --> Properties

2. In the top right corner click on "Rename this PC (advanced)"

3. A new window will pop-up called 'System Properties', within this window click on "Change..."

4. Another window will pop-up called 'Computer Name/Domain Changes', within this window change the 'Domain' to "" and click on "OK"

5. You will be asked to supply credentials, we will use the administrator account from and click on "OK"

6. We're welcomed to the domain, click on "OK". After this message it will asks us to reboot the machine, click on "OK". Close the 'System Properties' window and restart the machine now.

now we're able to login into the domain.

Removing local admin users

  1. Login to the machine with the Administrator user from the domain with password Welcome01.

  2. Execute the following commands to remove the user user and user02.

net user user /del
net user user02 /del

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