Creating Webserver - WEB01

General machine info

  • Machine Name: WEB01

  • IP Adress:

  • Subnetmask:

  • Gateway:

  • DNS:

  • Role: Web Server (IIS), SQL Server

  • Domain:

Installation after sysprep

  1. Startup the machine

  2. When asked if you copied the Virtual Machine, select "I Copied It"

3. Choose the correct settings for your lab, in our example we choose for the region "Netherlands", for app language we choose "English (United States)" and for keyboard layout "United States-International"

4. Accept the 'License terms'.

5. During the initial startup we have to set the Administrator password again. We wil use Welcome01! for now.

5. Press CTRL + ALT + DEL and login with the user and password we just set.

Renaming and setting a static IP

1. Open File Explorer --> right click "This PC" --> Properties.

2. Click on "Change settings".

3. A window called "System Properties" pops-up, within this window we need to be in the tab "Computer Name" and click on "Change..."

3. A window called "Computer Name/Domain Changes" pops-up, fill in WEB01 and click "OK".

4. When asked to restart, click on "OK". Close the current Windows and a new window will pop-up and asks you to restart your computer, click on "Restart Now".

5. Login again and right click in the Taskbar on the Networking Icon and select "Open Network & Internet Settings"

6. Click on "Change adapter options".

7. Right click the Ethernet adapter and select "Properties".

8. Select "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click "Properties".

9. Copy the following settings:

10. Click on "OK" and close all the Windows.

Installing Web Services

Joining the domain

1. Open File Explorer --> right click "This PC" --> Properties

2. Click on "Change settings"

3. A new window will pop-up called 'System Properties', within this window click on "Change..."

4. Another window will pop-up called 'Computer Name/Domain Changes', within this window change the 'Domain' to "" and click on "OK"

5. You will be asked to supply credentials, we will use the administrator account from and click on "OK"

6. We're welcomed to the domain, click on "OK". After this message it will asks us to reboot the machine, click on "OK". Close the 'System Properties' window and restart the machine now.

now we're able to login into the domain.

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