Optional: Install software & Settings

Optionally we could install some software such as BGInfo from sysinternals, Notepad++ or VMware tools.

BGInfo sysinternals

Show general info on the background:

  1. Download BGinfo from the Sysinternals Suite from Microsoft in the VM.

  2. Go to the Download folder and unzip the BGInfo zip.

  3. Copy the folder to the C:\ drive and empty the Downloads folder.

  4. Run the Bginfo64 program and Agree to the License Terms.

5. Click on "File" --> Save as and select "All files". Then save the file in C:\BGInfo with the name bginfo.bgi

6. Click on "Preview", "Apply" and "OK"

7. Create a new txt file in C:\BGInfo with the name bginfo.txt and enter the following lines:

@echo off 
CALL “C:\BGInfo\Bginfo64.exe” “C:\BGInfo\bginfo.bgi” /timer:0 /nolicprompt

8. Click on "File" --> Save as --> Select "All Files" and save the file as bginfo.bat in C:\BGInfo\

9. Open explorer, click on "View" and select "Hidden items"

10. Copy the bginfo.bat file and browse to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\ and paste the bginfo.bat file

VMware tools

Vmware tools is required to automatically adapt the size to the monitor and for copy & pasting etc.

  1. Right click the Virtual machine and select "Install VMWare tools".

2. A DVD Drive should show up, click on it and run setup64.exe.

3. Click next till you can click Install.

Desktop cleanup

Will reset after cloning a VM, so needs to be redone for each user/vm.

  1. Right click the Taskbar and deselect "Show Task View button"

  2. Right click the Taskbar --> Search and click "Hidden"

  3. Right click the Taskbar and deselect "Show Cortana button"

  4. Right click the Taskbar --> News and interest and select "Turn off"

  5. Right click the Windows Store button and select "Unpin from taskbar"

  6. Right Click the Mail button and select "Unpin from taskbar"


  1. Download Notepad++, run the installer and click next next next.

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